Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jermaine the Caribbean Man

This prank call by Jarryd Meyer pretty much speaks for itself.

Bag of Cats

Jerryd Meyer calls an animal shelter as an eccentric gentleman looking to adopt all of their cats. This is my favorite prank call I have ever had the pleasure to record.
Bag of Cats by Pranktoons


John Guy calls the Marine Mammal Center as an angry fisherman having problems with dolphins.
Dolphins by Pranktoons

Broken Boner

Annie Wilson calls an orthopedists office as a ditsy high school girl who's boyfriend broke his penis bone. I still can't believe this worked.

Bailando Con Guillermo

John Guy's Spanish alter-ego Guillermo calls a dance studio to make sure it is sexy enough for him.
Guillermo's Package by Pranktoons

Flux Capasitor

John Guy prank calls a woman on Caigslist ride share.  She needs a ride to California. He's looking for someone to test drive his home made automobile
Flux Capasitor by Pranktoons

Dead Fish Surprise

H Foley prank calls a pet store because his daughter's fish died and she won't stop crying. Featuring Annie Wilson as a crying little girl.
Dead Fish Surprise by Pranktoons

Sperm Jar

John Guy prank calls a sperm bank as a huge nerd who wants to donate some sperm.

About the Prank Callers

John Guy - The mastermind behind pranktoons, John is a cartoonist and comedian.  He started pranktoons with Jarryd Meyer, and now does all the cartooning, editing, and publishing of the website.- email

Jarryd Meyer

Annie Wilson

Chris Cotton - Chris Cotton was born and raised in South Philadelphia. Chris performs at clubs all over the USA. He started his comedy career at The Laff House in Philadelphia. His set topics tend to include pop culture, current events and growin' up in the city. Equipped with an easy going style, Chris Cotton is rapidly becoming an audience favorite. Chris has been featured on “On-line” and “College” radio and has appeared on “Comcast on Demand”. He has worked up for some of the best headliners touring the circuits today. These include comedians such as Tommy Davidson, Deon Cole, Kevin Hart, Judah Frielander, TuRae Gordan, Joe Derosa, Cory Fernandez, Karl Labove, B-Phlat, Rachel Feinstein, Smokey, Rob Stapleton, Na’im  Lynn, Talent, Guy Torry, and Micheal Blackston, Micheal Vick, Todd Lynn.

H Foley

Matt Nino